We get to design and build some pretty cool stuff.

Below are a few of the exciting projects we are working on right now.

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Ever wonder how hotels keep track of all those little bottles of shampoo? There is a lot more that goes into it than you think.

Hive has been working with a leader in hospitality management that makes hotel housekeeping carts and designs customized, efficient workflows for major hotel properties worldwide. Coordinating all housekeeping, restocking, and inventory operations with the precise movements of a well-oiled machine, the system is highly effective and results in significant savings, both in terms of time and labour costs.

Injecting this already successful product with IoT technology, Hive has designed sensors and software to digitize their process. Tracking operations in real-time and analyzing the data collected allows us to identify inefficiencies, review employee performance, optimize the restocking process, plan inventory levels more accurately, anticipate shortages, enhance the customer experience, and generate management reports on demand.

This project is now in beta testing and slated for official release in October 2019.

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Brrrrr! You’ve got to move fast if you’re going to stay hot in the cold storage business.

Hive recently started working with one of North America’s largest cold storage facilities, which optimizes people, processes, and equipment to move brand name food products through the supply chain to market. Already providing efficient warehouse management services and looking for new ways to help their clients further reduce cost and expedite cycle times, we have been working with this industry leader to engineer automated solutions that deliver the most agile and lean distribution operations possible.

Through artificial intelligence (AI), we are incorporating predictive analytics to forecast optimal product placement, rotation, and freshness; injecting real-time product tracking throughout the order fulfillment process, enhancing performance management abilities, and improving communication and collaboration at all levels.

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